Your wedding is a milestone moment, a celebration you'll share with loved ones, so why settle for anything less than exceptional entertainment? Dan Chan offers refined, intimate close-up magic that seamlessly elevates any wedding cocktail hour. Witness the magic of unity as two individually chosen and autographed cards meld into one, mirroring the union of bride and groom. Choose Dan Chan for an unforgettable, enchanting wedding experience.

Elegant entertainment during your cocktail hour!

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Your wedding day only happens
once in a lifetime


1Dan will get the guests to mingle and be more social

At a wedding, you have a lot of people who don’t know each other. This situation can be very awkward when the initial introductions are done with and guests run out of things to say. Having a close-up magician can solve this problem and add value and texture to your wedding. Once the magician disappears your guests will have something in common, something they can discuss, even if it is trying to work out how it was done!

2Memories and photos for a lifetime

Most likely after your wedding, you'll be taking photos? Consider having Dan entertain your guests during cocktail hour. If you are getting married you want to have the best photos ever not just of the two of you but of all your friends and family. That is after all why you have invested in a professional wedding photographer. Instead of boring photos, the wedding photographer will capture pictures of guests spontaneously having fun and smiling instead of forced smiles. Magic is one of the best ways to get pictures of people who are genuinely smiling, obviously happy and enjoying themselves.

To ensure the spotlight remains on the bride and groom, Dan suggests a concise 7-12 minute stage performance during the wedding, complemented by entertainment in the cocktail hour.

Ever wondered what it would be like if the bride and groom faced off in a game of poker during their wedding? You're going to adore this unique routine.

Addressing the groom, Dan says, "Today might be the last day you make decisions solo, so for this act, you're in charge."

Swiftly turning to the bride, he asks, "Is that alright?"

Confirming the nod, he continues, "Just making sure..."

Once choices are finalized, two life lessons emerge: first, always let her win; and second, consult your spouse before making decisions.

Experience magic like never before with your wedding rings. Dan has crafted over 15 personalized routines that put the bride, groom, and even their wedding rings in the limelight. Witness your ring vanish only to reappear in the most unexpected places, like a gumball machine!


Dan specializes in crafting bespoke magical experiences, making him the go-to choice for unique marriage proposals. One such memorable event was when my client Jason planned to propose to his girlfriend Jessica. Dan meticulously designed a magical surprise at an outdoor café in Santana Row, incorporating specific client requests like a surprise flash mob of friends and family and a musical performance by the duo Lacie and Winship on guitar.

Another heartwarming proposal was orchestrated in July of 2018, when Bao popped the question to Jessie at the scenic Mt. Hamilton Grandview, selected for its stunning vistas. Every minute detail was considered to ensure the magic was in harmony with the romantic setting, all while avoiding any disruption to fellow patrons.

Dan conjured up multiple custom illusions for the occasion and worked closely with the restaurant staff to align the magical moments with the backdrop of a picture-perfect sunset. To immortalize the special evening, photographic illusions were captured, and keepsake mementos were presented to the couple, making their proposal an evening to treasure forever.

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