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One Man Show


Dan Chan Master Magician

Find out why Buzzfeed named Dan Chan Silicon Valley's Favorite Magician. Experience sophisticated intellectually stimulating entertainment. This package is suitable for smaller, intimate parties. Be astonished as Dan wows your guests with feats of astonishing sleight of hand miracles, mental miracles that defy explanation and unexplainable feats of mystery. Your guests will be talking about your event long after it's over.
(Please note this package does not include a sound-system or microphone which is recommended for larger events.)

Father and Son Duo


Dan and James Chan
Father and Son Duo

Looking for something different that will appeal to more family audiences? If so, your guests will adore the interaction of Dan and his 11 year old son James Chan. Don't be fooled by James' age - this small but mighty performer has 7 years of experience under his belt and he is proving he's just as skilled as his dad. James doesn't only perform magic. He also performs memory and math stunts including memorizing a shuffled deck of playing cards. In addition, his rapid fire math calculations will leave adult audiences baffled. From stunning close up magic to juggling 3, 4, and 5 balls James can do it all!

James and Dan also perform many effects together, such as juggling 6, 7 & 8 balls as a team, as well as sneaking into some of Dan's effects to steal the show. This show is full of visual moments that your guests will want to capture and share on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Two Person Show


Dan and Kat Chan

Do you need an act that plays bigger? Enhance your experience with the full two-person show with Dan and Kat! Witness this husband and wife duo perform the two-person rope escape and several other signature effects available only with this signature package.

This package is perfect for larger audiences, and corporate events. This package also includes a microphone, sound-system, routines accompanied by music which allows the acts to play bigger.
This package is recommended for events with larger audience sizes.

Now in Beta, The entire Chan Clan


Dan, Kat, James and Grace

The entire family show with Dan Chan Master Magician, his wife Kat Chan, James and Grace! Call today to find out more about this unique act that features the entire Chan family.


Customized Presentations

Are you looking for something more memorable? Let Dan Chan and his team create a custom piece of magic for an unforgettable event.  Consider capturing these moments on a photo. Hiring a photographer allows you to capture the priceless reactions on your guests' faces. If you've already hired a photographer, be sure to email us an introduction so we can coordinate together before your event. Together we'll coordinate the best way to capture the smiles and reactions! 

Are you having live music at your event? Consider having them accompany Dan as he performs a few of his signature routines!

For corporate events, Dan and his award-winning joke writers will write one liner's and jokes to sprinkle into the presentation. Call for a consultation so that we can create the most memorable event your guests have ever experienced!

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