Dan Chan Presents Jugglers and Magicians

When you choose Dan Chan, magic is just the beginning...

Imagine this scenario for your corporate retreat…

You've just witnessed an extraordinary juggling performance that resonates deeply with the theme of our conference, "Achieving the Impossible." The spectacle you've observed might appear to defy the limits of possibility. Our adept juggler, a master of his craft, will remain with us throughout the week. He will not only showcase his remarkable talents but also conduct impromptu workshops. Should you encounter him, I encourage you to seize the moment for an engaging conversation and a warm hello.

As your entertainment consultant, I am committed to infusing your corporate event or retreat with unparalleled entertainment. Juggling is more than just an act; it's a metaphor for balance, focus, and achieving what seems unattainable – all vital elements in the corporate world. With world-class entertainment, your event will not just be another entry in the calendar but a memorable, inspiring experience.

Dan Chan, the Bay Area's Master Magician, and his team of skilled jugglers exceed expectations at every turn, offering more than anticipated and delivering beyond what's hoped. Recognized as "the ideal entertainment choice for discerning corporate clients," Dan Chan has solidified his reputation over the last twenty years. Dan Chan Presents has evolved into a hallmark of excellence in the Bay Area's entertainment scene, setting the standard for top-tier corporate performances. With his unique blend of magic, mentalism, and juggling, Dan Chan is the go-to Bay Area juggler for premium corporate events.

Dan Chan, Master Magician, is an internationally renowned, award-winning magician and juggler whose magic has taken him worldwide. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dan is regarded as the nation's top corporate magician and performs at events for celebrities, thought leaders, and influencers worldwide - including Elon Musk. Dan Chan's son, James, is the ultimate entertainment experience featuring juggling, fire-juggling, Chinese yo-yos, and light-up juggling props.

In addition to entertaining at many of the world's most influential events, Buzzfeed recently did a full feature article on Dan, naming him Silicon Valley's favorite magician. Google has hired Dan Chan and his team over 60 times! Dan has performed for exclusive parties for Silicon Valley's elite. His unique combination of talents has made him the only logical choice for consulate affairs, cultural events, exclusive private yachts, boat cruises, Tech Crunch Disrupt, historic estates, security conferences, vineyards, historical mansions, private clubs around the world, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, countless corporate events and tradeshows in Las Vegas, Shanghai, Washington D.C., and in Japan for the U.S. Marine Corps four times. Dan and several of his team were flown out for Allen and Company's annual gathering in Sun Valley, Idaho, to entertain 187 billionaires, socialites, and media moguls. In addition to the many milestone and high-profile events listed above, Dan Chan performs at super unicorn and non-disclosure events requiring being as discrete as possible.

Where will you put them?

Take your pick: Corporate galas, weddings, grad nights, private parties, television, movies, or print media; community festivals or corporate events; restaurants, public events or private yachts; corporate board rooms or trade-show floors. In your face or on your stage, wherever people crave quality entertainment, across town or the globe, Dan Chan is the Master Magician.

Magic is just the beginning...

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