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Why do corporations around the world choose San Francisco Tradeshow Magician - Dan Chan ?

Companies exhibiting at Dreamforce, MacWorld, Oracle Open World, Comdex, CES, and VMworld have retained Dan Chan and his team for their trade shows in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Find out why Fortune 500 companies and start-ups consistently use Dan Chan Presents to help them gather massive crowds at industry tradeshows, product launches, and conventions. Dan blends improvisational magic in a jazz style with a scripted messages to convey their mission critical message in a truly memorable way. Keywords, phrases, and industry buzz words will be strategically placed to maximize your tradeshow presence.

Dan researches your company culture and values so he can blend in seamlessly with your team. His performance weaves seamlessly together with a masterful performance of magic, improvisational moments that evoke laughter and wonder. More importantly, your customer's first point of contact will be unforgettable. After the show, Dan will seamlessly hand over the prospective client to a salesperson to scan a badge or technical representative to answer any existing questions. Today's corporate audiences are smart, relentless and will only accept the most refined tradeshow presentations. Anything less will not suffice. The demonstration of highly technical, perfect cuts, perfect shuffles will create the master feeling complementing your trade-show experience. This one-of-a-kind spectacle will set you apart from your competitors. Dan leverages his 20 plus years of full-time performing experience to create the ultimate tradeshow experience. Convey your message in concise sound-bytes. Dan will create a crowd, convey your message, and collect the leads.

Dan's prior experience working at is an asset for companies looking to preserve their corporate image. Extensive preparation, research, conference calls, and custom scripting may be required to highlight specific aspects of your product or service. This proven process systematically generates brand awareness and massive crowds.

Dan can teach your tradeshow staff how to instantly change $1 into $10, $20 or even $100 bills and create a buzz around your booth. No booth, no problem. Your staff can move around the tradeshow doing tricks to amplify your presence! He now offersbespoke interactive training experiences leading up to your tradeshow. Dan will custom tailor a magical effect that seamlessly integrates and amplifies your core message. Dan will brainstorm ideas that can incorporate your long-term vision and company strategy from concept to creation.

Dan offers tradeshow consulting solutions for CEOs, VPs, and sales staff, including PR strategies and preparing your CEO for podcasts, newspapers, or television leading up to the tradeshow. Dan will help you brush up on your skills in front of the camera. Punctuate the end of your presentation with a powerful magic presentation. You will learn to relax, focus and perform under pressure.

Dan and his team will work closely with your team, training them to achieve your tradeshow goals.

Better than we ever imagined!

Dan was a pleasure to work with - a perfect professional and he was so effective! He delivered on an unprecedented amount of tradeshow leads and traffic and high engagement at the booth and he aligned quickly and accurately with our core messaging value props. We often had a line and certainly created a buzz. I'd recommend Dan to anyone looking to drive traffic and engagement at an event and will certainly partner with him again in the future.

  • Reviewer: Katie L.
    Client: VPL - Orlando, Florida
  • Event Date: September 20th, 2022

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