Pick Pocketing Magic

Pick-Pocket, Scams, Con's and Swindles

Transcending Magic! For over 20 years, Dan Chan has dedicated himself to studying the craft of elite pickpockets worldwide. Beyond mastering traditional techniques, he has innovated new routines and theft maneuvers that are seldom seen. Dan's skills offer more than just entertainment for your next social mixer; they serve as a compelling introduction for keynotes on topics ranging from street survival skills for at-risk youth to crime prevention in vulnerable travel destinations, cruise ship ports and cybersecurity at tech conferences.

Your guests will be mesmerized by the pickpocketing and intrigued by Dan's deep understanding of social engineering and the art of misdirection. This expertise will spark engaging and memorable conversations. Dan recounts captivating tales of his interactions with a colorful array of characters—Romanian change tricksters, Ukrainian pickpockets, and an assortment of hustlers, con artists, and card experts. Among these fascinating narratives is the tale of Dan's ultimate scam, where he managed to "con the con" by successfully pickpocketing a seasoned Ukrainian thief who later shared his clandestine street strategies. In another unforgettable encounter, Dan crossed paths with a reformed Romanian scam artist, who opened up about the hidden intricacies of worldwide short-change scams.

Dan's performances and insights create an experience as educational as it is thrilling, ensuring an unforgettable event for all.

Dan has honed his skills to such a high level that his innovative pick-pocketing techniques have fooled street pick-pockets, loss prevention experts, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and magicians. While lecturing on the topic of "loss of situational awareness," Dan performs certain steals formerly thought impossible by many magicians. The sheer intrigue and compelling nature of the show have led Dan to be selected to entertain cyber-security companies displaying at conventions and conferences such as Black Hat, RSA, Secure World, and DEF CON.

Your guests will be completely astounded as they check their pockets. The looks on their faces will be priceless as they suddenly realize that they have been deprived of their most prized possessions. Pick Pocketing is an intriguing art form that takes place up-close and personal and causes a ripple of astonishment throughout the entire crowd! Weaving about the crowd, the steals are performed tastefully and tactfully, with an element of humor. Your guests will be talking about the experience for years! Travelers going to Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires, Florence, Amsterdam, Hanoi, or Athens will learn how to protect themselves from pick-pockets. Learn how to avoid pick-pockets and other common travel scams. Find out why Dan has been featured in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, and Tahoe!

Currently, Dan is working on creating a television pilot centered around pick-pocketing.

"Dan is amazing! Definitely the best magician in the Bay Area. He pick-pocketed a bunch of hackers at the RSA security conference we were at." Yulong Z. - RSA Conference

"Watch out. He will take your Richard Millie right off your wrist!"

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