Pick-Pocket, Scams, Con's and Swindles

Beyond magic! Dan Chan spent the last 16 years studying the world's best pickpocket. After he absorbed all the standard steals, he went on to develop new techniques, routines, and steals. These are rarely seen pickpocketing feats. In addtion to being a great addition to your next cocktail event, Dan can use a pick-pocketing demonstration for an introduction as a keynote for topics include street smarts (for teens in troubled areas), crime prevention (for cruise ships and port of calls with problems) or cybersecurity (for technology conferences).

Not only will your guests be absolutely astounded by the pick-pocketing. Dan's insights, stories and studies in social engineering and misdirection will pique interest and create unforgettable conversations. Dan retells stories about encounters with eclectic and bizarre individuals, including Romanian short change artists, Ukrainian pickpockets, as well as con-men, hustlers and card sharks. Dan will tell legendary stories about his ultimate hustle as he "conned the con", avoiding detection while pickpocketing an experienced Ukranian pickpocket. Afterward, the pick-pocket confidentially revealed his "street techniques" to Dan. In another encounter, Dan met up with a Romanian former short change artist, now earning an honest living, had a run in with the bold Dan which he will not forget in a hurry. This particular con artist revealed the occult secrets of the short-change scams that operate so widely in far-flung corners of the globe.

Dan has honed his skills to such a high level that street pick-pockets, loss prevention experts, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and magicians have been fooled by his innovative pickpocketing techniques. While lecturing on the topic of "loss of situational awareness", Dan performs certain steals formerly thought impossible by many magicians. The sheer intrigue and compelling nature of the show has led Dan to be selected to entertain cyber-security companies displaying at conventions and conferences such as Black Hat, RSA, Secure World, and DEF CON.

Your guests will be completely astounded as they check their pockets. The looks on their faces will be priceless as they suddenly realize that they have been deprived of their most prized possessions. Pick Pocketing is an intriguing art form which takes place up-close and personal and causes a ripple of astonishment throughout the entire crowd! Weaving about the crowd, the steals are performed in a manner that is tasteful and tactful, with an element of humor. Your guests will be talking about the experience for years! Travelers going to Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires, Florence, Amsterdam, Hanoi, or Athens will want to learn how to protect themselves from pickpockets. Learn how to avoid pick-pockets and other common travel scams. Find out first hand why Dan has been featured in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, and Tahoe!

Currently, Dan is working creating a television pilot with centered around pick-pocketing.

"Dan is amazing! Definitely the best magician in the Bay Area. He pick-pocketed a bunch of hackers at the RSA security conference we were at." Yulong Z. - RSA Conference

"Watch out he will take your Richard Millie right off your wrist!"

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