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At Dan Chan Presents, our pursuit of value and excellence is relentless. Our customers expect that from us, and we demand it from ourselves. When I think of unbeatable value, my first thought was to personally train each team member with my own signature routines. There are many factors that go into a successful event and I trust that you will find unbeatable value when you book a Dan Chan Presents entertainer. That's why Alex is the perfect choice for your next event. Alex is booked well in advance, so secure your date with a deposit today!

When you book Alex you're guaranteed high-end technical skills your audience will appreciate, the best value, quality; inspired by our customers' standards and the Dan Chan Presents reputation for value across every price point for every customer since 1999..

"Alex was nothing short of awesome! At the party, so many people told me they were really impressed by him. I loved his mix of comedy and magic - what a performer. Entertained both the little kids and the adults! We'll definitely recommend him/use him again. Thanks again." Best, Manali 4/24/17

"Alex understand events. Most of all, he understands the importance of our client's vision and how to seamlessly blend into the social setting." - Event planner

"As demand skyrocketed for my services, my customers wanted spectacular skills and the same reasonable prices. I trained Alex to do many high-level signature effects. In addition, he already had a terrific technical base. I am absolute confident Alex will bring to your next event the most bang for your buck. If your event needs a master magician and showman, do not hesitate to book him. Alex is funny, witty, and talented. As I've trained all my entertainers, Alex will go the extra mile each event. I've trained Alex personally in performance structure, joke structure, subtleties, subtext and corporate entertainment. In addition, Alex has been trained in the art and science of the customer experience. He has acquired a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge of the structure, systems, and best practices." -Dan Chan

"I started magic at a very young age. I would watch magicians every opportunity I could. I was fortunate to be able to study under one of the greatest manipulators of all time, Juliana Chen." - Alex Wu

Alex works with a limited number of clients and he is typically booked 1-2 months in advance. Contact us now to place your deposit and secure your date and time.

Dan Chan chose to recruit and train him developing him into one of Bay Area's most in-demand entertainers. In fact, Dan mentored Alex and taught him a large percentage of his personal signature used for corporate and teen audiences. For younger audiences, Alex can also juggle, perform the Chinese yo-yo and do a silly show. Just let us know the age range of the audience and we'll customize a show for your group.

"It was an honor to be chosen the first performer to be offered an exclusive contract with Dan Chan Presents. I am proud to be an important part the company’s growth,” said Alex Wu, “What began as one show has turned into over literally hundreds of shows, providing the best overall entertainment value to our customers. That has been and remains our true goal.”

After several years with the team, Dan personally transitioned Alex to a Master Magician teaching him all the subtleties of higher level performances. Alex is now able to handle any audience, even the most difficult audiences. To round him off as a performer he even taught him how to juggle and fire breathe! Together with Dan Chan Presents, Alex was able to fulfill several larger long term contracts and a multitude of events including performing at theme parks and casinos. Since then Dan encouraged him to explore new styles of magic and performance. Dan personally selected him to perform at corporate events on a historic World War ship for Google, Yahoo, Nvidia, Omnivision, the Olympic Club, Kaiser Hospital, SF Giants, DFF, ZS Pharma, major event planners, production companies and many other corporate events around the Bay Area. Dan pushed and prodded him to pursue shadowgraphy which became one of the most prominent features at Bay Area Dinner Show for many years. His award winning CD and card manipulation act is one of the most in-demand acts for larger venues. His act is very modern, with emotional upbeat music that plays for the large audiences. As a direct result of Dan's mentoring and encouragement, Dan encouraged him to add Rubic cube effects and shadowgraphy act to his repertoire of skills to differentiate himself and put him into his rotation of corporate performers. This allowed companies to have the highest level while also having a different entertainer every year.

Originally from Hong Kong, Alex continues to display a tremendous knack for technical "knuckle busting" sleight of hand, having created many original routines. His ability to perform complicated sleights with amazing ease and simplicity has been enjoyed by countless audiences, especially hard to please audiences. Alex now resides in Fremont California and has established himself as an award-winning magician specializing in beautiful, artistic, technically demanding magic.

Master Magician Alex Wu has launched himself into the entertainment market featuring high technical skills and mastery of playing cards. Alex trains up to eight hours a day! That's the discipline of creating such a high-level act, and that's also why you don't see anyone else perform many of the effects Alex does! Check out the video below to see him in action! When you see him perform you will be in awe of what you see. You'll innately realize how passion and hard work fused together to create beautiful magical routines and artistic masterpieces.

"Very few acts are as visually stunning as Alex's CD and card manipulation act, it's perfect for night clubs and the most difficult performing venues. Most acts simply cannot retain the attention span with audiences spread out across a larger room. Alex's award-winning act can handle the larger rooms when other magic acts will simply fail. In addition, his close-up magic is superb!"

His strong stage presence, visual act perfectly timed to music will hypnotize your audience. In addition, Alex Wu was one of the few chosen to teach James Chan. We trust you will be absolutely satisfied when you book Master Magician Alex Wu.

Basic Show Package

20 minute magic and juggling PLUS 40 minutes walk around magic.

Master Magician Show Package

Deluxe 30 minute magic and juggling - PLUS 30 minutes of signature world class walk around magic with signature routines OR simple balloon twisting. This signature package includes the "instant magician" signature routine where he dresses your child up as a magician. Alex stands behind your child so it looks like your child is doing all the magic. This is a routine that everyone love AND this effect makes for a great photo opportunity. Included is the signature card manipulation routine and one of Dan's signature iPhone tricks. For teenagers, his high skill goes along way to impress the most jaded of audiences! Alex goes the extra mile with this package.

To book and secure your date today please visit our contact and booking page.


Google+ Top Reasons Why Clients Choose Alex Wu Repeat clients - the sign of a true professional. Alex has clients that have booked him for consecutive years. Hundreds of testimonials and feedback from families and corporate event planners. Each show is custom tailored to your individual event. Shows are age-appropriate and consist of well-tested routines.

"Because of his high demand, high book back rate, and strong value proposition Alex has established himself as my number one go to guy for high-level sleight of hand for difficult to please audiences including high profile corporate events, high school, and teenage audiences." Alex maintains the highest standards of excellence as a performer, and proud to represent Dan Chan Presents in a multitude of events. He is high in demand as a family entertainer able to deal with the most difficult of audiences. As a corporate entertainer, he provides the best overall value the Bay Area for corporate events. To offer customers the most value, Alex is willing to price match any reasonable offer and give multiple hour discount packages. By having several dates to choose from you and your organization will be given the most competitive market rates. By keeping our prices competitive our customers become 'Brand Ambassadors'.

"I've used Dan exclusively as my go to entertainer since the early 2000's. This year I was disappointed to find out he was already booked. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Dan help me walk thru many options describing the strengths and weakness of over 10 entertainers. He told me he would have gone over 30 plus entertainers. In addition, Dan personally guaranteed that I would absolutely love Alex. Dan was absolutely right about having Alex at my event. *I've booked Dan and his other team members several more times for various events, from cocktail parties, school events for my kids and holiday parties for my staff." - 10/21/16

Alex did a wonderful demonstration of his magical skills for members of our community during our Lunar New Year Celebration. I loved how he enhanced his tricks with a great sense of humor which made it enjoyable for all.

Best regards, Mary Lee Barr, MLS Librarian San Leandro Public Library - 2/7/17 Review

Call us today to see how Master Magician Alex Wu's strong value proposition of beautiful artistic magic, combined with high technical skills will make your next event spectacular. Every one of Alex's performances is backed by a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you and your guests are not entertained and having a great time, you don’t owe anything. It’s that simple!

To book and secure your date today please visit our contact and booking page.


Shopping for entertainment sucks. The salesmen talk fast, the choices are overwhelming, and the prices are hefty. Yet everyone needs great entertainment at an affordable price, meaning the Bay Area party scene was ripe for reinventing. Enter Dan Chan Presents, the Bay Area entertainment company that launched recently. The concept was simple: Produce the best entertainment possible at an affordable price, visually stunning magic, and high technical skills, with a guarantee you'll love what you see. It worked: Dan Chan is the fastest growing entertainment company in the Bay Area.

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