Former pre-IPO PayPal Employee Dan Chan

Bay Area Dinner Show


I'm a former pre-IPO PayPal employee and I'm creating a new magic venue in Silicon Valley. There are no magic clubs catered to the public in the Bay Area. However, a similar concept in Hollywood already exists so the concept is feasible.

From my first performance, I've entertained and visited exclusive country clubs and yacht clubs including the famed Olympic Club, California Club, University Club, and the Ingomar Mansion. I've had a fascination with private clubs. I've made it a point to visit clubs when I'm traveling. I've been a guest several times at Disney's ultra-exclusive Club 33. Yet there lacks a club of this exclusive nature in the Bay Area centered on magic or catering to corporations. With this club, a corporation can treat their employees to a club atmosphere at a very affordable rate.

This magic club and event venue is modeled after many clubs I've visited including Disney's Club 33 and the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

This club will attract magician members who are recognized as the best of the best. We will have magician members and associate members. Magician members are members who have passed an audition and can uphold the highest standards in performance. Associate members are members who love magic and supporters of the art. Corporate memberships will allow for corporations to support the arts with different levels customized to fit each of our corporate clients' needs. In addition, door charges will be assessed to guests using a guest pass. These corporate sponsorships will entitle major corporations naming rights for each of our showrooms.

I've created custom dinner shows around the Bay Area since 2013. In 2017, I took my dinner show on the road and created tailored experiences and dining and magic experiences for billionaires around the world.
Currently, I'm building relationships and helping other venue owners by driving traffic to their venues. I've brought many buyouts to many venues around the Bay Area including the Plumed Horse and Michael Mina's Arcadia. On some nights I've driven $20,000 to $35,000 per night to these venues. Currently, I'm traveling the world and plan on exploring magic venues around Japan and Europe so when we do launch we'll have the best possible venue. I plan on continuing to drive traffic to partner venues until 2027 at which time I'll be launching my own venue. I plan on opening up venues in Hawaii, Catalina, and in the Bay Area. If you're a fan of magic, I'd love to hear from you what you'd like out of the club.

To ensure this venture is successful, I've personally taken the steps to work in as many restaurants as possible both front of the house and back of the house. I've gone into many Michelin rated venues working as a stage, French for an unpaid intern. With the sole purpose of scouting chefs and working beside them and evaluating their technique and work ethic. I've also made it a point not to actively recruit any of these chefs but only keep in contact with them as to keep relationships with the owners of these key industry partners. In addition, restaurants have hired my wife Katherine has many years of experience as a restaurant evaluator / secret shopper. Her attention to detail is evident in all her work and makes her highly sought after evaluator in the restaurant industry.

My vision is to have a magic performance in on a historic estate and a magic venue that's also a private club. The barriers to entry to performing magic are enormous. There is currently no private focused on magical entertainment club in the Bay Area. This would be a perfect fit for corporations who would like to entertain their employees or guests. Google alone has hired me 25 plus times. With a dedicated magic venue, my team and I will create a cohesive club experience geared exclusively towards my high profile corporate clients. Follow our journey and follow us on Facebook. See the amazing events we're performing at and I'm sure you'll want to come along with us as we reinvent the entertainment scene in the Bay Area. We'd love to have you as an investor, partner, and as a guest.

Our business model relies on attracting top performers. With a multipronged strategy of sourcing entertainers with large social media followings, the visibility of the club will be amplified. Viral videos filmed at the club will also amplify our reach to new audiences. Our existing relationships with performers will allow us to pay our world-class performers a weekly stipend for a week of performances. Because of our existing relationships with performers the cost of acquiring entertainment and ability to both sources and cultivate talent will be one of our major strengths in our business model. The elegant venue and the prestige associated with performing at the club will draw performers from around the world. Performers would also be able to videotape their act in our showrooms launching many careers in magic. We will have additional cost including performer's meal credits to attract the best of the best.

Our ideal investor is someone passionate about hospitality. We would like to pay back our investor their principal as soon as possible. However beyond that our vision is to invest most of the operating profits back into the venue. We have several phases we like to see implemented after the venue becomes profitable.

Bay Area Dinner Show - Cupertino

One of the custom illusions

We have many ideas on what we're going to have in this destination venue!

The Barstool Levitation!

Another custom illusion for the venue

Enchanted Bottle

Kerry Pollock one of our talented illusion designers

Bay Area Dinner Show - 2013

Award Winning Magic, Mind-reading, and More!

2012 Experience

See how our show has evolved...

The current Bay Area Dinner Show experience

Perfect for corporate buyouts and special occasions!

Custom Tailored Dinner Shows Around the World

Clients Include

Clients include