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World Class Walk around Magic

Your guests will be mystified by Dan's world-class close-up magic and mind-reading abilities. Dan is the premier event magician for Fortune 500 companies and exclusive celebrity parties all around the world since 1999. Dan Chan’s "signature set" is 100% sleight of hand, using no gimmicks or gadgets. The signature set is the most requested act. Best of all this act plays in any venue.

Bespoke Magic

Do you have a unique event deserving of a customized solution? Let Dan Chan and his team create a custom piece of magic for your awards banquet. Call for a consultation with you to develop a relevant performance that will meet the goals and objectives of your event while entertaining and delighting your guests. Contact Dan Chan Presents today to customize your event.

New iPhone magic

In addition to the many cell phone effects featured on Buzzfeed, Dan has created several new routines using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Experience magic at your home or office before you book. Call him today to witness a demonstration of an effect while you're online!

Intimate VIP Experience

Dan's signature close-up set is a theatrical experience best witnessed in an intimate closed-door, close-up setting. Allow for no more that 12 total guests seated in a small private room. Dan's signature shell routine and other original routines are performed masterfully. To fully appreciate these master routines you must be close-up. For larger groups of guests, this signature show can be shortened in duration and can be repeated multiple times in an evening. Full of texture and theatricality, this is the most requested experience and the most highly rated experience.

Theatrical Experiences

Witness Dan Chan's Master Magician full length award winning routines at Bay Area Dinner Show . Now, discover Silicon Valley's most intimate magic and dinner show experience for yourself or show your VIP clients and employees how much you care.

Sleight of Mind

Sleight of Mind explores mentalism, magic, perception and deception. Your guests will be mystified by mental magic, Rubix cube magic, and more. This extraordinary show blends feats of mental ability with improvisational comedy to make a show that appeals to all audiences. Be amazed as Dan demonstrates influence, suggestion, telekinesis, mind-reading and more. These mind games blur the line between where reality ends and the magic begins. Slight of Mind is sophisticated and family-friendly, but may not be suitable for children under 7 years of age. This presentation is multi-faceted and will leave your guest in wonder. Mind-reading, mental magic and memory demonstrations are presented in the most intriguing fashion.

"Reality Distortion Field"

This is Dan Chan's newest show performed only at Bay Area's most popular magic and dinner show in Cupertino and San Francisco. Corporate and tech audiences will be introduced to "Reality Distortion Field" attributed to visionaries like Steve Jobs. The Reality Distortion Field caused by Dan will induce amnesia in spectators causing them to forget how to read and other mind-bending feats. In addition, Dan will also overwhelm the senses. This sensory overload will cause spectators not notice items being removed from their wrist, neck or pockets. The actions and sequences of spectators will be predicted. Spectators will feel pulses of energy across the room. This show is unlike any other.

Yelp Review - Ben M. - Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA Feb, 13th, 2016

Dan Chan is simply a joy to watch. This magician's no gimmick slight of hand keeps you grinning while scratching your head. His son is also an absolute joy to watch as well.

Yelp Review - Ernest Y. - BitTorrent.com, San Francisco, CA Dec 4th, 2015

I hired an event coordinator to put together our company's holiday party. I wanted a close up magician to entertain the crowd. They recommended this one magician but knows how to entertain the "tech" crowd but will cost a bit extra. I trusted my event coordinator's recommendation and decided to proceed. Fast forward to the day of the party. Dan was AMAZING!! He was able to insert himself into the groups and perform various card tricks and illusions. He was entertaining and quick witted. His card tricks were not old or cheesy. Everyone (even our engineers) were amazed with his tricks and illusions. He is a great entertainer for your younger crowd or corporate crowd. He can tailor the show to any age group. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a magician/illusionist for any types of party.

Experience counts. Since 1999, the Dan Chan Presents team has performed over 10,000 live shows. Book Dan Chan Presents for your next event and find out what Adsemble, Airbnb, Apple, Bank of America, BitTorrent, Buzzfeed, BMC, Breathometer, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Cloudflare, CISCO, DOCOMO Innovations, EA, Ebay, Falconstor, Golden State Warriors, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Kleiner Perkins, KRON4, KTSF, Merrill Lynch, Novartis, Open AI, Oracle, Paramount Pictures, PayPal, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Quora, Radio Disney, Roche, Sequoia Capital, SF Giants, Shutterfly, Sony Play Station, Specialized Bicycle, Thumbtack, USCG, USMC, VISA, Wells Fargo, Wild Aid, Yahoo, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, financial institutions, three-letter government agencies and hundreds of global companies already know.

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