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Witness the enigma, experience Dan Chan's signature theater performance piece "Scams, Cons, and Swindles". The VIP intimate experience.

A modern day 007, Billionaire's magician, Dan Chan, has galavanted around the world's most exclusive shindigs, duping politicians, street hustlers, and card sharks. Sleight of mind is held in the top-secret caverns of the 10 VIP rooms of Dynasty Restaurant, Cupertino. You will be hypnotized by Master Chan's immaculate sleight of hand skills. Portraits of George Washington will morph into portraits of Benjamin Franklin right before your very eyes. You might not lose your mind, but someone is guaranteed to lose their watches and wallets. So beware of pickpockets. Don't worry you'll get it back. Buy a ticket for an unsuspecting foe, friend, or entire family to guarantee your night of merriment and wonder. Get ready to experience VIP entertainment billionaires style.

Dan Chan presently offers the most intimate dinner show in the world. With only 12 seats per show, this style of magic is the most intimate, world-class, close-up magic experience - ever!
Find out why Dan has been selected for private engagements for billionaires across the globe. In 2017, Dan was flown by the Bomag corporation to Shanghai, Las Vegas and Germany to perform for VIPs. In 2017, Dan started partnering with venues around the world. Now global guests can partake in a magical night while enjoying an enticing meal. For private events requiring a more 'personalized' entertainment, Chan will travel to a destination of the host's choosing. Dan has created custom tailored events for his high profile clients at venues such as the Plumed Horse, Michael Mina's Arcadia and many other venues. This year alone, Dan was flown to Shanghai, Germany and Las Vegas to perform on a chartered riverboat cruise, a party for society's elite and a corporate event that even included a menagerie of exotic animals accompanied by Bengal tigers! Dan's impromptu nature and enthusiasm for performing at diverse venues across the globe unequivocally enhances his appeal.

See the Dan Chan Master Magician live at the world's most intimate magic and dinner show in Cupertino California.

Bay Area Dinner Show - Cupertino

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