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Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime...

Your wedding is the most important event you will ever throw for your friends and family so getting the best entertainer is in your best interest. Dan's beautiful and elegant close-up magic is the perfect complement to any wedding cocktail hour. Dan is happy to create custom solutions for your next event. As the bride and groom are joined as one, two cards selected and signed will join as one. What happens when the bride and groom play a game of poker at the wedding? Two lessons are learned. Always let her win AND always consult your wife when you make a decision. Magical moments will be created with your rings... Dan created over 15 custom routines highlighting the bride and the groom and even their wedding ring. Make the wedding ring disappear and appear in a gumball machine or some other impossible location!

1) Dan will get the guests to mingle and be more social

At a wedding, you have a lot of people who don’t know each other. This situation can be very awkward when the initial introductions are done with and guests run out of things to say. Having a close-up magician can solve this problem and add value and texture to your wedding. Once the magician disappears your guests will have something in common, something they can discuss, even if it is trying to work out how it was done!

2) Memories and photos for a lifetime

Most likely after your wedding, you'll be taking photos? Consider having Dan entertain your guests during cocktail hour. If you are getting married you want to have the best photos ever not just of the two of you but of all your friends and family. That is after all why you have invested in a professional wedding photographer. Instead of boring photos the wedding photographer will capture pictures of guests spontaneously having fun and smiling instead of forced smiles. Magic is one of the best ways to get pictures of people who are genuinely smiling, obviously happy and enjoying themselves.

3) Make your wedding stand out

Weddings have become quite predictable, make your wedding extraordinary and unforgettable! A wedding should be memorable, it should be remembered by all the guests for all the right reasons. Having a close-up magician at your wedding is makes your wedding pop and it will give your guests ensure your wedding will be remembered.

Dan recommends doing 7-12 minutes "on stage" at weddings and entertainment during cocktail hour.


Dan has assisted with several proposals, including surprise appearance of a flash mob of friends and family pictured below. When Jason wanted to propose to Jessica, Dan created several customized ideas to bring magic and complement the surprise proposal.

Yelp Review - Ben M. - Sunnyvale, CA Feb, 13th, 2016

Dan Chan is simply a joy to watch. This magician's no gimmick slight of hand keeps you grinning while scratching your head.

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