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What to expect?

On the date of the event Dan will greet your staff showing them a sample set of what he can do to amaze your audience. Dan also offers training in proper etiquette for trade-shows staff. Working together we will take your the training and professionalism to the next level! To keep things fresh, everyday Dan will present a few new effects keeping your staff engaged and full of enthusiasm.

Dan highly recommends you break the traditional rules of trade-show marketing. Why purchase give aways? Keep the focus on your company and practical results driven initiatives. Why? Doing otherwise will attract the wrong people consuming valuable resources. Often people are staring at your expensive giveaways. And to be polite, people will strike up a conversation with you with no true interest in your company. They will grab your cool give away but sock it away in a drawer, never looking at again. In addition to wasting your trade-show dollars you will drain your representatives valuable time, preventing them from focusing on real revenue producing customers and relationships. Spend your valuable trade show dollars on your customers first point of impact. Do what really matters. Focus on the human element and create connections. Train your booth staff to ask the right questions. Brainstorm and find the most common elements of your current customers and train your booth staff to look for them. Your company demand results. The bottom line is that every decision you make in your trade-show must produce measurable results.

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San Francisco Trade-show magician

Performing for Join.Me at Moscone Center in San Francisco

Trade-show Magician

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Creating custom tailored trade-show magic to highlight technology

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Client Pitney Bowes - Location Intelligence

Trade-show Magician

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Client Rave about Master Magician Dan Chan

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Magic designed to fool sophisticated and intelligent audiences. Guaranteed Reactions!

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Trade-show magician at Tech Crunch Disrupt

Trade-show Testimonial

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iPhone Magic

Master Magician Dan Chan hacks a phone for security professionals

Pick-pocketing Testimonials

Master Magician and Pick-pocket

Pick-pocketing Testimonial

Master Magician and Pick-pocket

Pick-pocketing Testimonial

Trade-show magician at Tech Crunch Disrupt

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Dan Chan Presents Master Magician and Pickpocket!

Master Magician Dan Chan

Performing for AdSemble at Tech Crunch Disrupt

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Raving fans at Tech Crunch Disrupt

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