How magicians and entertainers price services

How I price my services?

There are many factors to consider when I quote a fee so it's best to talk to your entertainer via phone. Many magicians and entertainers will charge by the hour or by the event. I approach every event based on the factors below. The more important your event, the more information you should provide, so we can meet and exceed your expectations. On a cursory glance, what goes into a quote, is very simple. But, a lot more thought goes into it.

Here are something to consider...

Most vendors I will not discuss time and travel. If the vendor is travel further to the event they most likely are charging you for it. If it's not stated it's almost always factored into the fee.

Value of the Event - The greater the risks, the greater the reward.
When I say, “value,” I am not just talking about the value I place on my services. I ask questions to determine the value you’ve placed on your event. The higher level events have less qualified number of performers who can do your event. There are some cases where hiring the wrong magician could result in a disaster. For example, many of the events I do are larger events with 500 plus people in the audience. Out of the pool of magicians out there, only a small percentage of can actually entertain this size audience. Also, the more sophisticated the audience the less qualified magicians are out there. If you're entertaining for tough audiences, teenagers and tech audiences, they are not easily impressed by standard magicians who bring the same hackneyed jokes and material. The more cultured and cosmopolitan guests, the harder the will be to please. When you hire me, personally, your guests will have a new perspective. They will be thinking, "Wow, this is absolutely World Class!"

This raises the steaks for both both parties Say you are a secretary or event planner looking to hire a magician, your job is to get the most value for each dollar spent. Your job may be riding on the results I deliver.

Variety of Skills
This is one thing that sets me apart from other magicians. I have the unique ability to do things other magicians and entertainers simply can't do. Things like pick-pocketing and fire juggling. My training in speaking, theatre, improv and circus has given me the tools necessary to create a truly unique show. Similar to other fields, the more difficult the job and the more specialized the skill set the more you'll be expected to compensate. I want to create the most memorable event you'll ever have.

Customizing a package could also mean mixing services for an event. Rather than charging for each service individually, I take the extra step to determine how my different services can work together for your event.

Supply and demand.
It is no secret that a magician is busier during Halloween, Christmas and weekends. If you're willing to schedule your date on a date with less demand I'm willing to negotiate depending on what other things I have on my schedule. Also by booking multi-hour events, we can save you money. Some of our performers are cross-trained and can provide more than one service!

What I Bring To The Table
It’s important for a professional to know their personal value as well as the value of their services. I am not selling a product. I am selling me. The unique things I bring to the negotiating table. The pick-pocketing, the quick wit, improvisational skills, juggling and other skills. I'm also an avid reader and well versed in technology, finance, and other aspects Silicon Valley culture. There are very few magicians with that skill set. I've worked at Paypal, pre-IPO and also as a reservist in the Coast Guard. At a high-level event, that level of sophistication and knowledge makes for great conversations. This also carries over into scripting and inside jokes for your industry.

A lot of time and money went into research and construction to provide the optimal entertainment experience. Entertainment is my full-time job. Most other "entertainers" have day jobs so they only spend a few hours a week perfecting their craft. I have spent 10-12 hours a day for many years perfecting what I do. The routines I exhibit, using perfect shuffles and cuts using an ordinary deck of playing cards was not by accident. I sought out the best magic consultants and teachers paying up-to $7500.00 for 5-day workshops to learn the inner secrets. I have spent countless hours researching, rehearsing, studying and training in the art of magical performance. And, I have educated myself in every way so I can provide the optimal magical experience.

There are very few performers in the world who can deliver the results I deliver. That's why I was select to entertain for some of the highest net worth money managers in Las Vegas, a gathering of billionaires and media moguls in Sun Valley Idaho and Google countless times.

There are other factors I take into consideration when creating a quote. But you won’t have to worry about any of it. Like a good magic, you’ll only see the results and not the inner workings. When I provide a quote, it will be an extremely simple process for you. I can do that because I’ve already done the hard work on the back end.

If you are truly on a budget, we also maximize the value for you by providing stand-by rates as well. That means I'll have one of my talented dinner show team members or guest artists from Bay Area Dinner Show
guaranteed at your event, in many situations you'll be provided a free upgrade to a higher level performer. When we talk via phone, you'll know the likelihood the event will be handled personally by myself. So call us today at 415-244-2700 to discuss!

While the Dan Chan Presents team is not the cheapest act you'll find to hire; we are the best value you will ever find. Dan is a world-class performer and your audience will be treated to a show that in many cases will be the most amazing show they'll ever see anywhere. We love what we do and that's why we do it. Call us today for a custom quote at 415-244-2700. Please be prepared to answer the following questions.

What is the date and time of the event?

Approximately how many guests do you expect to attend?

How did you hear about our services?

Have you done an event like this before?

If so, who have you hired in the past for similar events? We go to great lengths to make sure that your event is not only different from last year's event AND is the best event you've had!

Answering the questions above will help us provide the best possible event.

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