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Pick-Pocket, Scams, Con's and Swindles

If you are seeking a truly unique act for your next corporate or private event, you will love the pick-pocketing portion of Dan's thrilling magic performance. Dan's little experiment in social engineering has led to encounters with some bizarre individuals, including Romanian short change artists, Ukrainian pickpockets, as well as the usual assortment of hustlers and card sharks. Eventually Dan was able to perform the ultimate hustle himself as he ‘conned the con’, avoiding detection while pickpocketing an experienced pickpocket and avoiding detection. Afterwards the pick-pocket confidentially revealed his "street techniques" to Dan. In another encounter Dan met up with a Romanian former short change artist, now earning an honest living, had a run in with the bold Dan which he will not forget in a hurry. This particular con artist revealed the occult secrets of the short-change scams that operate so widely in far-flung corners of the globe.

Dan has honed his skills to such a high level that street pick-pockets, loss prevention experts, law enforcement officers, military personnel and fellow magicians have been fooled by his innovative and original pick-pocketing techniques. Under the guise of lecturing on the topic of "loss of situational awareness", Dan performs certain “steals” formerly thought impossible by many magicians. Dan’s unique brand of customizable entertainment is relevant and up-to-the minute. The sheer intrigue and compelling nature of the show has led Dan to be selected to entertain companies displaying at conventions such as Black Hat, RSA, Secure World, and DEF CON.

Your guests will be completely astounded as they check their pockets to find out that Dan Chan has already rifled through the contents. The looks on their faces will be priceless as they suddenly realise that the master thief has surreptitiously deprived them of their possessions. Pick Pocketing is an intriguing art form which takes place “up-close and personal”, and in a way that amazes not only the unsuspecting volunteer, but causes a ripple of astonishment throughout the entire audience! Of course, the “steals” are performed in a manner that is tasteful and tactful, with an element of humour, but without ever giving offense. Have Dan perform his amazing act at your next event and your guests will be talking about the experience for years! Find out first hand why Dan has been featured in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno and Tahoe!

"I just went on stage and he took my watch which was secured with double bindings and I didn't feel it come off... he even took the money out of my pocket and never felt it at all!" -L. Anderson, Satisfied Client

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