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In parallel with his frequent performances at technology industry events, Dan is perennially hired by many of the world’s largest companies, financial institutions, universities, and other organizations. Dan will be delighted to customize the message about to topics he is passionate about. General topics include diversity, specialization, and unfair advantage. Topics can include seeing things from a new perspective. competitive advantage, differentiation, market strategy, accelerated learning and learning progressions. Using his understand learning and motivation, Dan taught his 5-year-old son how to juggle. And by the age of 8 making him one of the youngest jugglers to juggle 5 balls. As a sailor, he discusses what is only what is under the water that drives you forward. “A sailor can sail to a point that lies directly into the wind, he just can’t steer straight for it," said Dan Chan. “He must approach it in a zigzag manner, called tacking.” In the same way, much of business is done with a series of tacks as the business environment dictates. Previously, Dan worked at and also served in the Coast Guard as a Boatswain mate Petty Officer Third Class. When you're looking for customized corporate entertainment choose Dan Chan Presents for the ultimate entertainment experience!

Why Choose Motivational Speaker Dan Chan?

Rather than just speak to the audience, I entertain and engage the audience with magic. As an award winning magician, I weave the magic into the customized presentation to make your guests remember the key points. For the past several years, Dan Chan has focused on the fundamentals of human behavior. Dan has set the new standard to which those who seek to speak and inspire salespeople, business men and thought leaders. He possesses the unique ability to bring extraordinary insight to business principles and marketing. He has been a sounding board to many businessmen and thought leaders around the world.

Having established his reputation as one of magical most unique performers, he now concentrates his skills on inspiring others and enhancing your corporation's culture. Whether it's eliminating toxic culture or motivating a sales team Dan will prepare a customized presentation to address your companies concerns. Dan Chan has been in front of 5000 live audiences and millions of people entertaining and motivating them. Dan Chan now presents seminars, telling his story and creating custom messages for groups all over the country.

Dan Chan shares incredible personal stories of passion, persistence, and personal struggles. Dan has life experience, sharing experience from Bay Area's most popular Dinner Show to his experiences with the Coast Guard Dan will custom tailor a presentation for your group on any of the following topics: time management, passion, vision, and leadership. Dan Chan Presents has revolutionized the Bay Area speaking industry by setting the standard quality and commitment and has become the leading motivational speaker by putting people first. We are committed to delivering the very best every time.

That means providing not just providing a speaker, but solutions for your organization. We work with you to meet your objectives whether you need an inspirational or motivational speaker—be it for a keynote, luncheon or other events. Dan Chan Presents is much more than a speaker; we meld your event with key points and create world-class entertainment and presentations. If you have a speaking topic you'd like Dan Chan Master Motivator to speak on at your next event, send him your idea at [email protected]

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