Dan Chan Magic Man - Amazing Juggling

An intense three-ring-circus rolled into one man!

Dan Chan can transport an audience to a state-of-mind they need so badly and rarely experience - the suspension of disbelief. Chan seamlessly merges sleight-of-mind and hand with extraordinary physical capabilities, connecting his audiences' hearts and minds with original displays of magic, illusion, acrobatics and skills, which combined to provide an immediate fix, virtually every audience is craving ... compelling, engaging and interactive theater - real MAGIC close-up or on the largest stage. Chan is San Francisco's combination of David Copperfield, Circa Du Soleil and Olympic athlete rolled in to one. Chan's innate ability to enter the emotional tapestry of every spectator is uncanny and many say unparalleled.

Other options include outdoor fire juggling or state-of-the-art, light-up juggling props.

Experience the sophistication and skills of San Francisco jugglers, Dan Chan and Kat the Acrobat! This juggling duo features unique talents such as:

  • balancing stunts
  • illuminated props
  • fast-paced juggling with 3, 4, 5 and 6 balls
  • Chinese yo-yos
  • a finale that features a handstand push-up while a yo-yo spins from Dan's mouth You have to see it to believe it!

"Thank you for your performance and professionalism on Sunday, everyone has commented on how great the event was. I will definitely be interested in having you out again next year." -Entertainment Director,
Golden Gate Fields
"Thank you so much for your magic show today; it was the BEST, absolutely fab ... more than we could have even hoped for. Everyone had a blast. Thank you again! " -Jean and Bill, Satisfied Client

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