Dan Chan Magic Man - Astounding Escapes


Escapes are one of magic's most astounding mysteries, and have been captivating audiences for centuries. Daniel performs many mind-boggling escapes. The Chinese Rope Escape is a signature piece often requested for larger corporate events.

Comedy Chinese Rope Escape

A mystifying escape involving a rope, a curtain, an assistant, and one willing audience member! The audience member can be anyone, from host of the party to the CEO of your company. This escape makes for a perfect feature in any show.

Everything can be examined before and after; the knots, the ropes, and the curtain. Yet Katherine escapes--or does she? After the ropes are examined, Daniel knots a rope around Katherine's neck, both arms and waist. A curtain is held up and within moments she escapes-at least with the audience member's jacket, that is! An escape that can be performed at just about any venue - indoors or out.

Mail Bag Escape

Kat the Acrobat escapes from a locked canvas bag inspected by audience members. Both the Chinese Rope Escape, Mail Bag escape are part of the two person act.

Straight Jacket Escape

To escape from a regulation straight jacket has been a feature of many of the leading professional magicians around the world. Dan can take this escape to the next level, or should that be the next story! As a publicity stunt to generate buzz for your next event or product promotion, he can do the escape hanging upside down from a 50 ft crane!. This publicity stunt is sure to generate newspaper, radio and television publicity for YOU, the event sponsor. People associate this type of escape with Houdini and it always creates a visual sensation regardless of the location.

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