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MP3 - Introduction you may supply to your sound technician

MP3 - Introduction only to be used for Bian Lian performances

For library performances please use the following text:
Dan is always entertaining, whether doing magic or inspiring kids to reach their dreams. Come see the magic and fun for yourself!

If the presenter decides to design his own marketing or use large signs and marquees, please ONLY bill Dan's show as “Dan Chan Magic Man - Impossible feats of Magic, Juggling, and Pickpocketing.”

Presenter must agree to use only authorized high resolution photos of Dan Chan.

Do not use any clipart imagery of rabbits, top hats, or bunnies on any promotional material. (It's not that kind of magic show).

If presenter will promote the performance through calendars, programs, websites or other similar media, PRESENTER MUST TITLE AND DESCRIBE THE SHOW EXACTLY AS FOLLOWS:

Dan Chan Magic Man: Dan Chan has been hailed "an intense, three-ring circus rolled into one man" by audiences worldwide. With over 3000 live performances over the last 12 years, Dan custom presentations tailored for sophisticated audiences has been the only logical choice for corporations including Google, Intel, Oracle, IBM, Yahoo, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Citibank and Wells Fargo. He has made multiple television appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, AFN and MTV. In fact, when 187 billionaires, media moguls, and socialites convened in Sun Valley Idaho for Allen and Company's annual gathering, they chose Dan. Dan's unique skills featuring illusions, escapes, juggling, pick pocketing and Bian Lian has garnered performances in Las Vegas, Japan, Mexico, Washington D.C., and the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Dan has been awarded the title of San Jose Magician of the Year, Oakland Magician of the Year, and Bay Area Magician of the Year. Dan is also the founder of Bay Area's most popular dinner and magic show,

Bian Lian Intro - The Ancient Chinese Art of Changing Faces

The entertainer you are about to see, Dan Chan is from San Francisco. He has been described "as an intense, three-ring circus rolled into one man". Dan has performed for corporations including Google, Intel, Oracle, IBM, and Yahoo. Today he will be featuring The 300 year old, Chinese Art, of Changing of Faces. Face changing is rarely seen in the United States as most of the 200 masters of the art reside in Asia. Face Changing is traditionally taught only from father to son. Until recently it has not been taught to females, as females do not carry on the family name. Please welcome to the stage Dan Chan the Magic Man.

For corporate speaking events please use this introduction:

Our speaker today is Dan Chan. Dan Chan is a Jack of All trades, but as a magician he's magically transformed these Jacks into a winning hand. Dan has a fascinating background working in a variety of industries, as a lifeguard, skiing, snowboarding, sailing and windsurfing instructor. Never standing still, Dan is always expanding his horizons and learning. He enjoys the challenges of skydiving, kitesurfing and piloting planes. As a magician and speaker, Dan Chan has created custom presentations for Google, Intel, Oracle, IBM, Chevron, Charles Schwab, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Prior to his career as a magician, Dan was an early employee at PayPal, a leading online payment service that has revolutionized the way people do business. Currently, Dan performs and presents over 250 custom presentations for clients around the globe. Dan has also recently taken on the challenge of serving proudly in the Coast Guard as a reservist. Please welcome magician and marketing expert Dan Chan.

Please promote your family events using the uppermost photo, for corporate and speaking event please use the lower photo.

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