Dan Chan Presents


Join a World-Class Team: At the Dan Chan Presents, we believe that great entertainment experiences start with great people. Join our team and together we’ll create magical moments together! Together we'll be building a brand together from the ground up.

At Dan Chan Presents, we aim to give amazing people the opportunity to become amazing entertainers. In return, we're looking for candidates who are just as passionate about our mission to serve.

Are you interested? Let us know by sending us an email at [email protected] with your name, phone number, email, and why you want to join our team. No magic experience necessary. Entertainment is all about people and their experiences. So let's create magical experiences together.

We are currently looking for outgoing people who would like to perform magic, juggling, balloon sculpting at parties.

Dan's secret to creating a world-class organization is finding and keeping the right people. We look for goal-oriented, eager to learn, customer service oriented performers with passion. It takes powerful individuals that are determined to succeed, and we believe our rigorous selection process will ensure the right fit. If you think there could be a strong fit, let's talk. An initial call will provide you with an understanding of our vision, the business model, and next steps for moving forward and it will provide us with the information we need to help assess whether or not you have what it takes to be successful with our support. Prior to the call, we'll ask you to submit a bio and resume so that we can begin to learn more about you.

"You might rotate every few months, depending on how you progress. We’re looking for maturity and mastery of the skills, but not only that, we look at how the person interacts with the clients on a professional level. We’re always thinking about each performer's growth."

We offer several programs to get you started:

Performer-In-Training (PIT) Program is a great way for youth ages 16 and older to learn responsibility, leadership, and interpersonal skills. PITs are neither paid staff nor do they pay to attend a PIT training session; they are interning to gain valuable life experience and training.

Paid Internships and Paid Work - Do you already have skills? Do you love parties? Are you a natural show off? Do you have a talent or skill you'd love to share with the world? Looking to join an amazing team? Dan Chan Presents is training the next generation of entertainers! Are you self-motivated? Are you willing to learn new things? If so we want to work with you and train you! Dan has trained many of the top entertainers in the Bay Area.
As we chart industry trends, this allows is to benchmark and foresee trends in entertainment and in the world at large. We aspire to act with creativity and courage in our work. Today’s society, driven by the internet, advances in technology and limitless access to information, presents a vast opportunity. Entertainment will never be the same.

With great enthusiasm, we offer an accelerated learning progression for those who wish to become full-time working entertainment professionals: The Dan Chan Presents Business Model is a step-by-step proven system. In this 2018 Strategic Plan, we set forth a vision to redefine excellence for corporate and family entertainment by reinterpreting our foundational values, retaining our top talent, and inspiring our team members in fresh and inspiring ways. Our training programs consistently earn high praise from our alumni. Our programs in transitioning a performer with a performance arts background to functioning fully in the marketplace with a solid market position. We provide the tools and mindset to carve out a niche with your unique skills, based on experience, cost analysis, competitor analysis, market substitutes, SWOT analysis, marketing and business strategy. Our alumni futures are as strong as they have ever been. Lifelong relationships forged at Dan Chan Presents. Our alumni often describe their experiences as the most transformative of their lives.

Education, Training and more reasons to join Dan Chan Presents: Staying up to date on the latest industry trends is an essential competitive advantage in the fast-paced entertainment industry. DCP invests heavily in this area providing our customers with a variety of educational tools including live workshops, seminars and online videos that keep you educated and motivated. You'll understand trends and technologies, emerging opportunities, and strategies to help you stay competitive in the entertainment marketplace. We seek inspired candidates who are passionate about entertainment and service. Entertainment and customer service experience is preferred but we will train the right person in all aspects of their position.

We take great pride in introducing you to Dan Chan Presents training which sets us apart from everyone else in the industry. Be treated as colleagues, and be given the flexibility to execute. Join a business structure that requires a minimum of compulsion.

By joining our team you'll access to proprietary routines that serve as the focal point for our team members. Each section of back-end website provides a wide array of information including a video training, photos, detailed explanations, and other components that make up the core essence of our brand. There are videos for explaining in detail how to present routines and how to interact with our guests. It is carefully established for each team member to study in detail. This level of detail and consistency is one of the advantages that only Dan Chan Presents Partners have access to.

At Dan Chan Presents we wholeheartedly understand the dream of being an entertainer. We also know that starting an entertainment business from scratch can be confusing, and often, really hard. Owning a business with an established system sets you up for success.

"My belief is that every 10 years the professional magic landscape changes. Dan is a visionary creates the framework for a new genre, watch as others follow and execute, If we look back to game changers, Houdini, Cardini, Vernon, Lance Burton, Copperfield, Penn and Teller, David Blaine, Darren Brown, Lu Chen, you may find Dan Chan Master Magician and his protégés etched in the history books. Protégés of great magicians, study under the greats for many years and eventually forge their own paths to help create a new style."

"Chan is a man of exceptionally high personal standards and values genuine collaboration. He has successfully assembled a team that shares his philosophy and vision, enabling him to push the boundaries of entertainment."

A world of opportunity awaits and magic is just the beginning...