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James Chan - Magician & Juggler


Bay Area Magician and Juggler - James Chan

Don't Let His Age Fool You!

Magician James Chan is a Clever & Sophisticated Performer.

Top-notch Talent

Magician James Chan has been delighting Bay Area and Northern California audiences since he began performing publicly at the age of five. His natural talent and years spent mentoring with his father, World Class Magician Dan Chan, have helped James become the talented, charismatic entertainer he is today.

Captivating Entertainer

Inspired by performers such as Penn & Teller and Rudy Coby, James provides an exceptional level of professionalism for an entertainer of his age. A natural performer, his act is ideal for audiences of all ages. James brings sparkle and humor to every event and commands attention easily from the stage or while performing walking-magic with small groups.

How Does He Do That?

James' mastery of intelligent, mind-boggling illusions will astound your guests. His pickpocketing skills will surprise the most skeptical observer. His effervescent personality and charming sense of humor will ensure guests leave your event with happy memories and big smiles.

Prepare to be Amazed

Magician James Chan will steal the show at your next event. Perfect for corporate events, large family reunions, children's birthday parties, formal evening affairs, fundraising events, and more. With a surprisingly long list of skills including fire-juggling, sleight of hand, illusions, card tricks, iPhone tricks, mind-bending math routines, and animal tricks up his sleeve, James Chan is a magician you and your guests will never forget.

Are You Ready to be Dazzled?

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About James Chan

James Chan lives in Fremont, CA with his younger sister and parents, Master Magician Dan Chan and Balloon Artist and Performer Kat Chan. He has been watching his father perform for as long as he can remember and has more experience than most magicians three times his age. James is a student at Mattos Elementary School. When he’s not harassing his sister or rehearsing new material, he can be found playing basketball and video games. James loves nothing more than seeing the look of surprise on a skeptical audience member when he executes a perfect illusion. His favorite act is pickpocketing and his favorite food is dumplings.

What People Are Saying About James Chan

"The highlight of the show was definitely Dan's boy, James. It is that cute father-son act I tell you. He did great in the actual show, especially at the end but I don't want to ruin the surprise. I still don't get it and I probably never will. Yay for little James!" Amy H. 9/15/2015 Yelp Review for Bay Area's Most Popular Dinner Show

"I love watching James on stage." Jeff Raz, Cirque du Soleil Casting Partner

Want to see more videos? Check out our archives of James throughout the years in 2016 and 2017. For modeling and acting click here for the most up to date photos, videos, public appearances and more follow James on Facebook by clicking on the icon on the top of this page. See James Chan live at Bay Area Area Dinner Show.

James has performed for ASI, Auris Surgical Robotics, birthday parties, Boy Scouts, California Golf Club, Chinese Historical Society, Commodore Cruises, countless libraries , Creekside Church, Diabolo Country Club, DOCOMO Innovations, Drever Family Foundation, Flex, Google, Grand Opening of the Magical Bridge Playground, Hotbed Gala, HP, Ingomar mansion in Eureka, Intel, Men's Wearhouse, Microsoft, Mill Valley's Fall Art Festival, Mixbook, Nahma Foundation, Nisum, Oakland Museum of CA, Olympic Club, Oracle's Family Fun Day, Palo Alto's May Fete Parade, Redwood Christian Park, Resonate, Rita's of Fremont and Pleasanton, Roche, Sacramento's Crocker Museum, Saratoga Country Club, Sonic, Specialized Bicycle, "Take your kids to work days", the Tech Museum in San Jose, Thumbtack, Twitter, Warriors, the White House's Chief Data Scientist, Yahoo and the YMCA. In addition, James has been featured on Singtao Daily Newspaper, Silicon Valley Business Journal and supports fundraisers and local causes.

The perfect solution for family audiences!

Magic and More

Bay Area Magician

James Chan

Performing at Cupertino's Most Popular Dinner Show

James Chan

Filmed 2017 at Bay Area Dinner Show

James Chan performed for the Warriors

Not only did he perform for them afterwards they gave him tickets to see the game twice!

Pick-pocketing and Fire Juggling

Pick-pocketing on the streets of San Francisco

Reactions Guaranteed

Father and Son Duo - Done in real time!

Making a rabbit appear from a hat!

Younger audiences will love this trick...

Birthday Card Magic

Changing a card into a jumbo card!

Coin Matrix - 3 Phases

High level sleight of hand

Now Appearing...

Larger illusions also avaliable

iPhone Magic

James does many of the effects Dan does including iPhone magic!

Father and Son Duo

Surprise Ending with James Chan

Father and Son Duo

Physical Comedy and Clowning

James Chan in 2015

Doves and dog tricks and more!

James Chan in 2014

Archive Footage


Talent Show

Go Warriors!

Performing for Jordan Bell when he first joined the Warriors


Signature Star trick!

Star trick done to music...

The same star trick but done to music

Men's Wearhouse

Listen to the reactions from grown adults!

Performing for Google!

Capable of performing at corporate events!

Classics of Magic

Linking Rings reinvented - modern moves and more!

Mario Odyssey Juggling Routine

James and Grace's newest routine!


Signature Star trick!

Photo Gallery