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Dan Chan Master Magician's magic and dinner show attracts a discerning audience with an appreciation and desire for intimate exclusive experiences. Dan has merged exclusive private dining experiences with intimate mind boggling entertainment.

Dan Chan Master Magician masters more than most, promises more than expected and delivers more than hoped. He's been called "the perfect entertainment solution for savvy corporate audiences" and for good reason. Dan Chan Master Magician is growing into one of Asia's most in demand corporate entertainer, epitomizing the best in society and corporate entertainment.

In addition to entertaining at many of the world's most influential events around the world, Buzzfeed recently did a full feature article on Dan naming him Silicon Valley's favorite magician. One Google executive has hired Dan Chan Master Magician and his team over 22 times! Dan has performed for exclusive parties for Silicon Valley's elite, Google founders, Baidu, Yao Ming, Jerry Rice, Tim Ferriss and more. His unique combination of talents has made him the only logical choice for several exclusive parties on private yachts, boat cruises, Tech Crunch Disrupt, consulate affairs, historic estates, security conferences, historical mansions , private clubs , countless events in Las Vegas Washington D.C., and the U.S. Marine Corps in Japan four times.

Dan has performed at around the world at corporate galas, milestone events, weddings, grad nights, television, dinner shows, trade-shows and more. Dan Chan's signature cultural Bian Lian performance has been feature at Lunar New Year events, the Ritz Carlton, charity galas, Wild Aid, inagural flights to Asia and more.

Recently, Dan and several of his team were flown out to entertain for a gathering of 187 billionaires, socialites, and media moguls in Sun Valley, Idaho. In addition to the multitude of milestone and high profile events listed above Dan Chan performs at super unicorn and non-disclosure events requiring being as discrete as possible.

"That was mind-blowing!!! You can use me as a reference anytime." - Andy Rubin, founder of Android the operating system that powers more than one billion smartphones (*10-time client)

"I'm throwing another party. And we definitely want you there!" Tim Ferriss, New York Times Best Seller and Author of the Four Hour Work Week (*4-time client)

"Dan Chan is an engaging performer. What I enjoy the most is his close-up magic. Big stage show stoppers are impressive, but Dan’s close-up stuff is astounding. It’s literally in your face. I have seen many of Dan’s shows, hired him for a couple of parties, and I will continue to be a great fan. I appreciate the intimacy of his style with the audience." Lydia L - Thumbtack Review

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8 years later and clients are still talking about it... Find out why celebrity author of the 4 Hour Work Week ONLY hires Dan Chan Master Magician for his last 4 parties.

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