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Dan Chan Presents is proud to offer an apprenticeship program. The purpose of the program is to establish mentorship relationships between up and coming magicians and seasoned professionals that will help aspiring performers gain experience. The position works all aspects of performance and exposes apprentices to the full scope of life as an entertainer.

Apprentices will keep a performance log. The log will be a record of progress, a study of audience reaction and a study of personal performance success. This log will have a section for the Dan to make additional observations.

The minimum age requirement is 16. All disciplines will be considered. A stipend of will be paid to successful candidates. Professional performers who are developing new works are also encouraged to apply.

It is our hope that apprentices will gain substantially from the experience. To be considered for an apprenticeship position, please contact [email protected] with internship or apprentice in the subject line. Include video links, press photo and a single paragraph describing what the candidate hopes to gain from the experience.

Dan Chan understands the powerful impact of present magic in a powerful way. As a CEO or senior executive your time is important. You don't have time to read hundreds of magic books or hundreds of DVD's sifting thru for the most powerful magic routines. A private lesson with Master Magician will cut years off your learning curve. You'll be mastering powerful routines in no time. Master routines are what creates astonishment in spectators.

Dan is the magic coach to several well know CEO's and their children in the Silicon Valley. Dan distills the information from tens of thousands of hours of studying thousands of DVD's books, workshops and lectures to bring you only the best. These are full routines from working professionals repertoires. We first start at your motivations. What you recently saw that sparked your interest. Dan first creates interest then creates a customized accelerated learning progression. Dan teaches you like he teaches his child, holding nothing back. Dan treats you as a longtime friend, cultivating mutual respect and respect for the art of performance.

Emails us for a questionnaire or a phone consultation to get started on your magic journey. Once your Non-disclosure Agreement has been received you'll be on your way to becoming a master magician.

After getting the magic kit every year with the same stuff inside, you child or child at heart will want something more. A personalized lesson tailored to you interest. Magic that is passed down from master to student.

In addition a separate juggling lesson are also a great father son, or father daughter bonding lesson. I personally guarantee that a private lesson will allow you spend time with your family doing something together as team. Passing balls, Juggling side by side, creating together! Your family will have a skill that will last a life time. For those who already know the basics, Dan can explain advance techniques such as site-swaps, every others, everys and other advanced skills. Juggling is something that you can pull out anytime, on the beach, at school or in the park. Passing juggling props is also a fun social activity that promotes communication. Juggling while street performing is a great way to build confidence. I've truly believe in juggling as a discipline that carries over to other aspects of life, I insisted that my family embrace the discipline of juggling. Your investment with private juggling coaching starts at $150.00 for the first two intensive lessons. After which you may join a group class at $50.00 per lesson. Many of our CEO's train to be highly proficient possessing a high level of technical skills.

1) Helps increase Self Confidence
Learning magic tricks was more effective than typical classes designed to improve children’s self-esteem and confidence. I was child who had ears that stuck out and I was constantly picked on. When I was young and I struggled with fitting in. Magic made me feel that I had something that others didn’t have and the feeling of fooling someone older like my parents was very empowering. Children feel empowered when they are able do something that others cannot. With a magic trick, a shy or introverted child now has special powers. This will help build “self-confidence”. Magic requires many skill sets that will naturally carry ofter to other aspects of life. You will be better at analyzing situations and people. You'll be quick on your feat being able to improvise. You'll be better prepared to face rejection and objections. In addition you'll develop patience, concentration, and courage. You will experience personal enhancement, attract attention, and recieve recognition and praise.

2) Helps to you over come shyness, approach people and socialise
Many magicians were very shy kids when they were young and did not know how to approach people. Once they learned magic, introductions and breaking the ice became much easier. Magic encourages people to interact. While it is not appropriate to start every introduction with a magic trick, it gives one the confidence knowing that at anytime you can make a memorable introduction with a quick trick. I've also gotten free stuff and upgrades. Including saving me lots of time, at the House of Prime Rib one of the most popular restaurants in SF I got seated immediately, when I approached the wait table and they told me the wait was 1.5 hours. I showed them a magic trick and I was seated immediately!

3) Improves Critical Thinking and Presenting Skills
Learning, watching, and performing magic improves critical thinking. Having multiple perspectives for a certain situation is a very beneficial skill. The more magic tricks children watch and learn, the more they will be thinking outside the box and be able to decipher the secret. Others enjoy the art of presenting, the study of perception, or the art of collecting magic. With some of the newest technology, you'll become a modern day James Bond acquiring super powers.

4) Promotes Self Discipline and Persistence
Learning magic tricks requires self-discipline and persistence to practice. Without these skills, a magician will not be successful. Some tricks are easy to learn (a few minutes), while others may take months to perfect. Over the years, I have spent time learning many challenging tricks and this is only done through patience and perseverance.

5) Bringing joy to others
Magic has the ability to bring out genuine wonder in people, and to bring joy to them. Nothing is more rewarding than brightening people's day and make them smile, especially those who are going through a tough time.

I've been a professional magician since 1999 and I can’t imagine my life without the influence of magic. It has helped shape me into the person I am today, and has allowed me to bring joy to people. Hopefully you can begin to experience the many rewards that magic brings.

The Dan Chan Presents team has been called to entertain at all of Bay Area's largest corporations including Google, Yahoo, Intel, Oracle, IBM, because of their core brand promise of delivering "sophisticated magic for intelligent audiences". One top google executive alone has hired Dan Chan Master Magician and his team over 22 times. Shortly afterwards Dan entertained 187 billionaires, socialites and media moguls in Sun Valley Idaho, for Allen and Company's annual gathering. Since then many of the events the Dan Chan Presents team performs at now require signing a non-disclosure agreement. Dan has performed for exclusive parties for Silicon Valley's elite, including Tim Ferriss 4 times, best selling author of the Four Hour Work Week. At these epic parties were guest including world class chess champions, FBI agent, SEAL team members, memory expert, professional athletes, boxer, break dancers, hacker and more. His unique combination of talents has made him the only choice for the U.S. Marine Corps in Japan four times. He once logged 20 plus shows in one week at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Even Circus Circus, Circus Chimera, and Cirque Du Soleil put him backstage to entertain their cast.
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"Dan Chan is an engaging performer. What I enjoy the most is his close-up magic. Big stage show stoppers are impressive, but Dan’s close-up stuff is astounding. It’s literally in your face. I have seen many of Dan’s shows, hired him for a couple of parties, and I will continue to be a great fan. I appreciate the intimacy of his style with the audience." Lydia L - Thumbtack Review

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That is why celebrity and author of the 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss hires Dan Chan Master Magician for his last 4 parties.

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Even when they know it's coming, Dan still adroitly pick-pockets them!

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Magic Tutorial

Learn one of Dan's favorite tricks

Magic Tutorial

Another magic tutorial you can do without any special props

Trade-show Entertainment

Need trade-show or corporate entertainment?

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